The Paranormal Researchers of Eastern Carolina

P.R.E.C.A is a long running paranormal research and investigative team working towards bringing truth and light to a subject matter that is widely misunderstood. We do not claim to be experts. We do not charge a fee for our services. We do not leave you empty handed or with unanswered questions. Our team is not only here to help you find the truth, but also cope with it. We provide help from physical to mental to spiritual. P.R.E.C.A is a professional team with members who have had years of experience and training on all matters of the paranormal, spirits or otherwise.  We are a very skeptical group and do not come into a location looking for a ghost, but rather to put your minds at ease. We never fake evidence or pad files. We tell the whole truth and nothing, but the truth. Our team puts a lot of time and energy into researching the locations we investigate to find backstories and histories that perhaps you didn't even know about your own home.

P.R.E.C.A NEVER enters a locations without first receiving permission from the owner or proper authorities.

No member is allowed to disclose information about a location outside of the group itself.

We hold our clients in high regards and respect their wishes if they should decide to remain anonymous. No faces, names, or disclosure of locations will be provided on the website or articles.

Upcoming Investigations/Events

C.M.A. Griffin's Family Plot - Griffin, N.C. - Processing (Team Investigation)

Old Martin County Courthouse- Williamston, N.C. - Processing (Team Investigation)

The Screaming Bridge - Williamston, N.C. - Processing (Team Investigation)

Bed and Breakfast - Windsor, N.C. - Processing (Team Investigation)

Residential Home - Ayden, N.C. - Processing (Team Investigation)


Previous Investigations/Events


Greenwreath Park a.k.a. 'Falkland Brothel'- November 9th 2011 

 C.M.A. Griffin Family Plot- November 22nd 2011

Pactouls Light- January 14th 2012 

Pactouls Light (Follow up)- February 7th 2012

C.M.A. Griffin Family Plot (Training)- March  24th 2012

Old Methodist Church Site and Cemetery- April 16th 2012

Windsor Chamber of Commerce- April 28th 2012

Residential Home - Williamston, N.C. - July 11th 2014

Pactolus Lights - Pactolus, N.C. - August 8th 2014





Classes We Offer:

Ghost Hunting 101- During this course you will learn the basic skills and terms used in ghost hunting. $50 per person.

Paranormal Researching- During this course you will learn how to research locations with potiental paranormal activity and historical locations. $50 per person.

Paranormal Photography- During this course you will learn how to photograph paranormal anomolies and learn how to analize photos will potential anomolies such as orbs and mists. $50 per person.

Advanced Ghost Hunting- During this course you will learn about advanced equipment used during investigations and this course will consist of three weeks of in field training. $100 per person.



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